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Nyla & Christina's
Children's Health Corp.


These two young ladies are very impressive. It's not often you find  selfless, intelligent, athletic teenagers with an entrepreneur mindset. And they are open to learn even more, because thats what it takes to be your best and not just an average teen. Both young ladies are grounded within their Christian and cultural roots. Aside from that, their motivation to serve youth really captured my attention. 

My name is Myra Pierce, I'm originally from Chicago but my husband and I live east of Atlanta with our two children. I've had the great pleasure of knowing Nyla for over a year. My 7 year old is autistic and he takes Saturday morning group lessons from Nyla. When I was told of Nyla's ambitions I wanted to forward this message and interview these amazing young ladies. 

Myra: Hello girls how are you doing?

Nyla and Christina: (Laughing) We are both doing great!

Christina: Thank you for taking the time to interview us.

Myra: The pleasure is all mine. First, I just want to say how proud I am of both of you and to let you know that this journey you two have started is important to so many families and young players. 

N&C: Both smiling.

Myra: Nyla, why are you embarking on this journey with Christina?

Nyla: Christina and I share the same values and interests. We both enjoy tennis, being around kids and helping others. Using our interests and creativity, we feel like we have an obligation to serve in this capacity.

Myra: Christina, why are you and Nyla focusing on youth mental health?

Christina: We both feel like often times, kids do not have a voice. Because of their mental state, maybe they are scared, unable or not confident enough to ask the questions that will get them help. So, we want to do our part to support organizations and hospitals that facilitate those youth and empower them.

Myra: Thats fantastic! What organizations are you looking to support?

Christina: We would like to support Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Nyla: We would also like to support Special Pops. My father has a youth program and one of his students won the first prize medallion for tennis last summer. We were all so proud and my father's student was so proud. Special Pops creates events that help spotlight these kids. In our own way of serving, we put together the Nyla and Christina's Children's Health Corp (NCCHC) under The Overhead Foundation

(a government recognized 501(c)(3) Non-Profit). 

Christina: This is our way of using our resources to organize our talents and abilities to help continue the aid, fellowship and spotlight youth with mental exceptionalities. 

Myra: If anyone wanted to reach out and support your organization, how would they start?

Nyla: Simply email us at, we would love to accept all support and volunteers. 

Myra: Last question, how will you assist these special organizations?

Christina: We plan to have several Bake Sales at our school during Varsity Tennis matches. We are also looking to partner with organizations as we look to volunteer and learn more about adaptive tennis so we can serve at a higher level of efficiency. 


Nyla: We also plan to have a round robin doubles events where parents pay a registration fee to play with their child within a fun competitive setting. The registration fee will assist with raising funds to help us support organizations that facilitate youth with mental health exceptionalities. 

Nyla & Christina

An interview by Myra P., Maryland, Spelman College Graduate '87 and an Educator.






Nyla & Christina's
Children's Health Corp.

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